Rome’s Historic Cafes

Rome’s historic center is chock-a-block full of age-old cafes, each recounting a piece of the story of  the Eternal City. Some of the most charming, antique cafes here include Antico Caffè Greco, located in elegant Via dei Condotti, and considered to be Italy’s oldest after Caffè Florian in Venice. Founded in 1760, Caffè Greco owes its […]

Italian Villages

The Italian Villages are places where our traditions are born. Precious jewel boxes where ourlifestyle characteristics of conviviality, unity and sharing are preserved. To discover these hamlets means fully immersing yourself in the marvel of these hidden territories. The walls that encircle them and the narrow streets that cross them are testimony of a culturethat is perpetuated and transmitted by […]


Italy has always been a synonym for “good food,” offering an unmistakable explosion of flavors, scents, and aromas. Aside from having one of the most famous cuisines in the world, it also proposes an immense variety of different regional dishes and recipes. Visitors cannot miss the culinary and wine itineraries – journeys through Italy’s enogastronomic […]